Newcastle reveal full lineup

Down Festivals revealed this week the lineup for the Newcastle Festival of Flight.7 of the 9 display acts are new to Newcastle this year. While the show does lack the number of jets seen at previous shows over the last couple of years, it is still a very exciting lineup which may surprise people with how fun some of the displays can be.

We spoke to Down Festivals yesterday and they were unable to tell us if this is the final line up or not, nor were they able to confirm if the BBMF would send another aircraft to replace the Lancaster which is sadly out after suffering damage in an engine fire last month.

The lineup is as follows

Red Arrows
Team Raven
Bristol Blenheim
XA41 Aerobatic display
Pitts Special
Irish Historical Flight

The BBMF Lancaster is mentioned, but BBMF have said she will not be airworthy until end of August.

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