Statement from Portrush – Typhoon and Chinook BOTH DAYS!

Statement from official Airwaves Portrush website

The mighty RAF Typhoon (aka Eurofighter) has now been confirmed for Air Waves Portrush. It is the first time since 2012 that this exciting display will roar above the pretty seaside town and as a added bonus she will display on both days (5th and 6th September). With the Red Arrows, Hawk T2s, SAAB Viggen and Strikemaster already confirmed the addition of another jet of the standing of Typhoon makes this year’s line-up particularly strong.

The 2015 Typhoon Display Pilot will be Flight Lieutenant Jonny Dowen and this year the display aircraft carries ruby red tail artwork to mark the 100th anniversary of 29 (R) Squadron. The Typhoon Display aircraft is used by the Typhoon Force element of the RAF to demonstrate the utility of the multi-role Typhoon. The Typhoon Force, at Coningsby and RAF Lossiemouth, is responsible for the defence of UK airspace, known as Quick Reaction Alert (QRA).

In recognition of Portrush’s strengthening reputation as the most important airshow in Northern Ireland the RAF has for the first time allocated the RAF Chinook Display Team to the show. This is one of the most breathtaking air displays on the current air show circuit and is a particular coup for Air Waves Portrush to secure the appearance of this huge tandem rotor helicopter on both days. If you’re coming to see the Red Arrows, you’ll go away talking about the Chinook!



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