About Us

Northern Ireland & Ireland Airshows is run by a small group of Aviation Enthusiasts to help spread the news of Airshows and Displays throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland.

We aim to bring you all the latest news as soon as we can and will always strive to make sure our news is as accurate as possible and from reputable sources. We will list the sources our news comes from whenever possible.

Please do not contact us asking for certain aircraft to be booked at events as we are not involved in the scheduling process nor are we connected to the various organizers. We exist solely to provide information. If you are looking to set up trading stalls at various shows it would be advisable to contact the organizers of the shows directly on their official websites linked at the top of each section.


Please note: Air Display teams & Pilots usually release schedules before the airshow confirms them publically. Bray organisers asked us in the run up to their 2016 show not to post details until they confirm them via press releases or via social media.

As it is their show we will respect their request and details will only be posted in the ‘confirmed aircraft’ section once confirmed by Bray themselves and not the aircraft operator. 

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