Portrush shuttle bus and parking locations

West Bay (also has 50 disabled parking bays) (free parking)

Landsdowne (free parking)

East Strand (normal car parking charges apply)

The Bowl (Causeway St) (free parking)

Dunluce Car Park (normal car parking charges apply)

Dunluce Grass Area (in front of police station) (free parking)

Sandhill Drive (free parking)

Once parked, walk to Beaghville Drive (No 4 on Map) (beside Glenvale Crescent and Church Corner). Take the free Shuttle Bus and get dropped off on the Coast Road at the shuttle bus drop off/pick up points at Carrick Dhu (3), Juniper Hill (2) and The Pitts (1).

If you are unable to walk that far, a free town accessible bus will pick up at Lansdowne (5 on map), Causeway Street (6) and Metropole (7). Please keep these buses free for people who really need them. Unfortunately, due to the amount of traffic expected in the town, it is expected that these buses will most likely get caught up in slow moving traffic.

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