Hope for a new Northern Ireland International Airshow

*** New Northern Ireland International Airshow ***

Hi everyone, firstly I hope you all had a good Christmas despite new regulations.

In 2020 the airshow scene was non existent due to Covid. However, 2021 onwards seems to bring a new sense of hope. There are plans for a new Northern Ireland international Airshow to take place in 2022 and be held every 2 years. however, as of now I am holding off giving details out of respect to the organisers and the council as it has not yet gone to vote and will go to the Council early in 2021.

Elsewhere, Bray are planning a return in 2021 as are Birr, and while no details have emerged about Newcastle directly yet, the ‘Giant Adventures’, of which The Festival of Flight is a part of, have been mentioned in council meeting minutes and agendas and the word is it will go ahead “When it is safe to do so”

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