I had an eventful 2019 getting over to England 3 times as well as doing our two local shows. Weather was all over the place during the visits but I still had a great 2019. Photos taken from FB so quality a little lower than the High res ones.

First up was a 2 day visit to Duxford in May for the Air Festival. Boiling hot day with blue skies on Saturday, damp with spots of rain on the Sunday. My first trip to Duxford, the museum was remarkable.

Next up was Newcastle, a lovely sunny day in contrast to the washout of 2018. Nothing out of the ordinary but still a fun day. I did suffer with a 300mm lens though.


Then came the big one! RIAT 2019 at RAF Fairford, the biggest airshow in the world! Saturday was spent in the public grandstand and Sunday in the Pimms enclosure which was brilliant.

Last up for airshows was a wet and cold Portrush, a 2019 show that suffered a lot of cancellations due to weather, but was still a decent day out. My first test with a 600mm lens

I got an unexpected trip to Heathrow due to the flights to Birmingham costing an arm and a leg, so stayed the night at Heathrow before getting the train up to Birmingham. Runway views for both hotels :) Light was terrible, but you expect that in the middle of December!

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