Bray Lineup revealed!

Last night Bray revealed their line up for 2019, it includes fantastic displays from Rich Goodwin, 2 Strikemasters, the Blades and the Royal Jordanian Falcons! as well as Team Raven, the RAF Tucano and a P51 Mustang along with a lot more. Full list below!

Navette Bretonne

Irish Air Corps Team Silver
Irish Air Corps Casa N-235-100MPA Persuader
Irish Air Corps (TBA)
Irish Coast Guard S-92
Irish Defence Force “Black Knights”
Sukhoi Su-31 – Dave Bruton
Aer Lingus Airbus A320 / Sunday Only)
Garda Air Support Unit EC135T
Irish Parachute Club
CAP 232 – Eddie Goggins
Irish Historic Flight 3x De havilland chipmunk
Irish Historic Flight Boeing Stearman
Drone delivery display

-Great Britain
2x Strikemaster *Sunday only
Royal Air Force Tucano T1
Team Raven (D)
The Blades Aerobatic Team / Sunday only)
P-51D Mustang – Miss Helen
Pitts S2S Muscle Bi-Plane – Richard Goodwin

Royal Jordanian Falcons

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