Classic Warbirds Yak 3 for Portrush



Classic Warbird Displays​ YAK 3UA will be joining the display line up in Portrush on August 31st – September 1st

G-OLEG was built in the 1990s and is based as closely as possible on the wartime Yak-3, but utilises an all-metal structure.

The aircraft uses a Allison V-1710 engine as there is currently no single working Klimov engine available. The aircrafts paint scheme depicts the Yak3 flown by Sqn Leader Louis Delfino CO of the Normandie-Niemen Free French Squadron in October 1944.

The fighter moved to the UK from Germany in 2015 and was successfully placed on the UK register. Since that time it has been displayed at a number of major UK and European airshows. Its high speed and great agility demonstrate how effective Yakolev’s design was and illustrates the problem the aircraft presented to the Luftwaffe during WW2.

I look forward to seeing it at Portrush later this year! (Photo from Classic Warbirds website

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