Newcastle aircraft profile day 2 – RV7 & Christen Eagle II


Today’s aircraft profile covers two of Irelands own displays, the Vans RV7 and Gerry Humphreys & the Christen Eagle II flown by Andrew Fenton.

Andrew Fenton – Christan Eagle II

One of the best displays on the Irish airshow circut has been added to the Newcastle Festival of Flight on August 11th.

Andrew Fenton will be making his debut here in Newcastle in his very colourful Christen Eagle coming from Sligo, this example was originally built in the USA and has been described as a sports car in the skies!

The sporting aerobatic biplane Christen Eagle II is very similar to the Pitts Special. The company who make the Eagle, Aviat, also own the rights to the Pitts Special.

Taking its first flight in 1977, the Eagle II is marketed in kit form for homebuilding. It set a new standard for completely documented homebuilding kits that revolutionised the homebuilding industry.

Andrew Fenton has delighted airshow go-ers throughout Ireland and it will be great to see his colourful aircraft display in Newcastle this summer! Photo from Tipperary Star.

Vans RV7 – Gerry Humphreys

Returning to Newcastle for the first time since 2012 is Irish pilot Gerry Humphreys who has made a big name for himself with his fantastic displays in his Vans RV7 aircraft which has been named ‘The Flying Cow’ due to its unique paint scheme which is similar to a cows white and black.

EI-HUM Flying Cow has been a regular throughout Ireland for many years and EI-HUM Flying Cow also flies a mini Mig aircraft. Though it is unknown to me which aircraft he will be bringing to Newcastle on 11th August.

Gerry Humphresy is an ex RAF Harrier Pilot and qualified aeronautical engineer who built EI-HUM himself . He is very experienced with over 9500 hours logged in more than 90 different aircraft types.

Now, as well as running a farm Gerry flies professionally for Pacnet Air, a private aviation company based in the Isle of Man and is also a flying instructor with both the Atlantic Air Academy in Cork and the Limerick Flying Club at Coonagh where he taught his son Harry to fly. Gerry also flies seaplanes and he is a director of the Foynes Flying Boat & maritime museum.

It will be a barnstorming display when Gerry Humphreys returns to Newcastle! (Photo from 98FM And info from aerdynamics website.

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