Autogyro to make debut display in Newcastle

Today’s announcement is the addition of an Autogyro ‘Gyrocopter’ display for August 11th. However, as of writing this I am unsure as to who the aircraft operator is.

The Autogyro has been a popular display throughout the UK in recent years.

Autogyro’s were invented by Juan de la Cierva, only 20 years after the Wright Brothers first flight, they marked a departure from conventional fixed wing aircraft in an attempt to invent an aircraft that couldn’t stall.

The name autogiro was a Trade name for Cierva’s make of aircraft, nowadays, they are also known as gyrocopters, gyroplanes, and autogyro’s and just Gyro’s, they were the first rotary wing aircraft to fly successfully under full, safe control.

The rotor blades of the gyro are completely free wheeling in flight, being driven solely by the air going up through the rotor disk. There is no mechanical drive to the rotors in flight, the phenomenon of autorotation drives them, once airborne the rotors just look after themselves and keep spinning, even if the airspeed indicator is showing Zero!!

An autogyro was on the provisional list for the 2017 show however did not make the final list, so it will be nice to welcome another new display to Newcastle in 2018,

Photo for illustration purposes only. I am unsure as to who the operator is. Photo taken at Portrush 2015.

Image may contain: sky and nature

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