Team Raven return to Northern Ireland and Ireland in 2018

Team Raven will return to Northern Ireland and Ireland in 2018 with 3 dates on their display schedule.
First up on the 4th & 5th of August is the Rush and Birr airshows in the Republic of Ireland followed by another trip across the Irish sea, this time to Northern Ireland on August 11th.
Team Raven have become very popular throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland and are a regular fixture over here.
Formed in 2014 and first displaying in Newcastle in 2015 Team Raven fly a mixture of Vans RV4 & RV8 aircraft and all aircraft are self built.
In 2016 Team Raven moved from a 5 ship display, to a more dynamic 6 ship display, debuting their 6 ship display at the 2016 Bray Air Display and have put on some great displays in NI & ROI in the last few years.
It will be good to see them flying in Irish skies again.

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