Bray & Foynes announce first part of their Line up

Earlier this year it was revealed that Bray & Foynes will have their airshow on the same weekend and would share their displays. Foynes will take place on the 22nd of July where as Bray will take place on 22nd & 23rd of July.

Kicking off the announced displays is Team Raven, a 6 ship display using RV4 & RV8 Aircraft. In 2016 they transitioned to a 6 ship display having used 5 in 2015 and their first ever 6 ship display was at Bray 2016. They fly a very dynamic display with fantastic formations and have been a regular attendee of Irish airshows both in the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Next up is a Catalina flying boat from the Catalina Society based out of Duxford, England. Foynes has a very rich history with flying boats and this will be marking the 80th anniversary of the very first transatlantic flight of flying boat G-ADHM Caledonia, which took off from Foynes for Botwood in Newfoundland.

A Spitfire from the UK shall be coming to both airshows this year, last year saw The Grace Spitfire take to Irish skies once again having once served the Irish Air Corps as IAC 162. As it stands it is unknown to the public which Spitfire shall be displaying at Foynes and Bray however it is sure to be a fantastic display filling the skies with the sound of a Merlin engine!

Patrouille Tranchant will be returning to Bray and making their debut at Foynes. in 2016 the Patrouille Tranchant flew at Bray with coloured smoke of Green, White & Orange to make up the Irish flag. They fly 4 Fouga aircraft which was used by the Irish Air Corps display team, The Silver Swallows until retirement in the late 90s.

The Norwegian Airforce Historical Squadron shall be bringing their Mig 15 as well as the Vampire pair which have displayed a few times in Ireland before. Thew Mig 15 is a Soviet Cold War era jet and the de Havilland Vampires are British made with a rather unique look and sound. The Vampires were at Bray in 2014

The Irish Historic Flight will be in attendance with their Boeing Stearman and Chipmunk aircraft. The Stearman is the newest addition to the Irish Historic Flight.

Returning for 2017 is the SAAB Viggen aircraft from the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight. Last year the Viggen attended Bray and in 2015 was at the Shannon airshow and entered service in June 1971.

The biggest announcement so far is that both shows have managed to secure a current military display, the F18 Hornet will be making its debut at both shows and is coming from the Spanish Air Force. in what is sure to be a very impressive, and loud display.

This is only part 1 of the announcements. More will be coming shortly!

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