A small update as we come to the end of 2016

Very quiet time  But we are working on our website getting ready for 2017. Only one date we know of, but not confirmed yet. However, they have a count down on their website  

We can safely assume that planning for 2017 by the various councils is well under way. Applications to the RAF would have been sent long ago as the cut off is the end of September/Early October.

We are looking to set up a sister site, showing where to eat and where to stay at various airshow locations. If any businesses are interested in advertising on the new sister website send us a message. (Please note – we are not connected officially to any airshow so can not answer trade stand questions)

We are hoping to run our first competition giveaway soon, and hope to do this moving forward every few months.

2016 saw airshows greatly exceed expectation in challenging times post Shoreham which saw greater regulations and costs.

We hope to continue to build, and have good relationships with airshows on this Island. The people at Portrush have always been fantastic with us and very helpful and in 2016 we saw closer relations with Newcastle, speaking to the organizers many times in the lead up to the show we were able to be able to fully verify information before going live on the site/page. (We do strive to be as accurate as possible, but we sometimes get things wrong)

We also started talking to Bray in the run up to their show in 2016, and were great to talk to, however going forward we will be waiting until Bray confirm things at their end before posting on our website! We will, however still post aircraft schedules here on FB if they include shows over here)

We look forward to continuing building relations with the various shows, and building new ones in 2017.

2016 maybe at an end soon, but that just means 2017 is getting close!! And we are hoping for big things in 2017!

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