Portrush Aircraft profile day 7 – Aerosparx

Day 7 of our Portrush Aircraft profile is the rather unique Aerosparx display team that will ‘ Light up’ Portrush & Portstewart this coming weekend.

While Aerosparx will be doing displays on both days of Portrush, they will also be doing a special night time display at Portstewart on the Saturday night.

Aerosparx are a brand new team who are set to revolutionize the air-show world with a number of new and exciting innovations! Carving through the sky with smooth and graceful aerobatic maneuvers and showcasing the best of our big wings, quality formation flying and spectacular wing-tip pyrotechnics, Aerosparx will paint a remarkable picture in the sky for the crowds in attendance!

The motor gliders we use will be familiar to many British cadets, as the RAF have used the Grob109 as a training aircraft since 1980s. The big wings provide an impressive level of glide performance, and the airbrakes offer excellent landing control.

The team brings together 2 extraordinary world renowned pilots for its first year, Team Leader, Guy Westgate is famous for introducing his dazzling pyrotechnic displays into the UK and thrilling crowds across Europe in his stunt glider, the GliderFX Fox. Tim Dews, is better known in Britain as ‘Mr Grob’, having run a successful business maintaining the aircraft since 1986, and is fast becoming recognized on the circuit as an accomplished display pilot.

The AeroSPARX daytime display is a graceful ballet with 2 motorgliders carving smooth swoops across the sky. This display is sure to ‘wow’ the crowds as the aircraft are often only a few feet apart as they maneuver across the skyline. The evening display adds a sparkle, with wingtip pyrotechnics and the best LED light show in the business.

The Grob is unique amongst airshow types, as it has a special clearance to fly at night. Pyrotechnics are quite unique and special in the half-light of twilight, but at night they really come alive and you can truly appreciate their majestic nature.

Flying with fireworks is not new, but the AeroSPARX team brings together several innovations not seen before at airshow flying displays in Europe.

The wingtip pyrotechnics have taken 5 years of careful development. They are all hand crafted for reliability and consistency and we have a selection of different effects to choose from, to help control the history and trail of sparks, giving the team the unique ability to perform anywhere.

We are also leading the industry with innovations that enable us to fly our formation firework display at night, and coordinate ground-based fireworks with a flying display.

The team are always keen to harness and incorporate the latest technology into their display, and LED Lighting is no exception. The continuing progression of LED Lighting, now means that computers can control each LED colour independently across the aircraft. We also have 12,000 LED lenses over the fuselage and wings, providing an incredible spectacle of ‘painting with light’ for the crowds in attendance to enjoy.

Grob 109 Motor Glider

The Grob109 is a super-efficient motor glider, with impressive soaring capabilities is used in many fields and is a very capable training aircraft. Which has been developed into the perfect day and night aerobatic display vehicle. The Aircraft has a range of 550nm and can fly for 7 hours.

Check back tomorrow for another aircraft profile, information and photo from Aerosparx website.

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