A few additions, and a cancellation at Portrush 2016

Over the last few days there have been quite a few additions to Airwaves Portrush, and sadly a cancellation 😦

First the bad news, the T28 Fennec has been withdrawn from Portrush, no details why are known at the minute.

However, with bad news comes good news! For all you helicopter fans helicopter fans ,they have added an Agusta Bell Sioux & a Westland Scout from the Historic Aircraft Flight Trust which will be flying on both days and on static display we will see AAC Gazelle & RAF Griffin joining the already announced Royal Navy Wildcat.

And for you jet fans, there is more good news! The Mig 15 from the Norwegian Airforce Historical Squadron will be roaring into Portrush to make its debut at the show on both days, in what is a great coup for Portrush!

With just two weeks to go now for Portrush, it is looking to be another great show!

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