Newcastle Aircraft profile Day 3 – Bristol Blenheim

Day 3 of our Newcastle aircraft profile is the worlds ONLY flying Bristol Blenheim which is based out of Duxford and returning to Newcastle after displaying for the first time in 2015

The Blenheim was manufactured in 1934 by the Bristol Aircraft Company, initially intended to be operated as a small airliner. However, the Blenheim’s speed and handling capabilities made it well suited for military operations as a light bomber, and the aircraft underwent extensive modification before joining the RAF.

The first Blenheim bought by ARCo was brought over to Duxford and had a 12 year restoration only to suffer a crash a month into flying in the UK. ARCo’s determination to see a Blenheim in the skies again saw another Blenheim, G-BPIV under go a 5 year restoration and once again took to the skies in June 1993.

Sadly in 2003 G-BPIV also was involved in a crash while landing at Duxford. The team behind the Blenheim’s upkeep did not, however, give in, and a trust was formed to protect the aircraft’s future in the UK.

And happily towards the end of 2014, after a lengthy restoration she took to the skies once more as John Romain and Co-Pilot John Gilmore flew the Blenheim from its Duxford base on Thursday, 20 November 2014, carrying out a 20 minute test flight.

She is now back on the airshow circuit and is wooing the crowds where-ever she flies, including Newcastle last summer.

We are really looking forward to seeing the worlds ONLY flying Bristol Blenheim once again in the skies of Newcastle on the 6th of August!

Northern Ireland & Ireland Airshows's photo.

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