Bray Aircraft profile day 9 – Swedish Viggen & Draken

Day 9 of our ‪#‎BrayAirDisplay‬ Aircraft profiles are the SAAB 37 Viggen and the SAAB 35 Draken from the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight.

The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight

The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight flies former Swedish Air Force aircraft and maintains them in an airworthy condition. The SwAFHF were formed in 1998 and are based in premises of the F 7 Såtenäs air force wing.

SwAFHF is authorized by the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration but the aircraft now have civilian Swedish aircraft registration.

The main purpose of the Swedish Airforce Historic Flight is to cultivate and preserve the types of aircraft and equipment that were in the Swedish Air Force. . SwAFHF’s aircraft in recent years has been seen in the air of over 1 000 000 spectators annually in Sweden and Europe.

In a relatively short time, the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight (SwAFHF) has built an impressive collection of airworthy warbirds, documenting the proud history of Flygvapnet, the Swedish Air Force.

Though a relatively small country and officially neutral through both World Wars and into the Cold War, throughout the 20th Century Sweden inhabited a very dangerous neighborhood indeed.

Unlike most countries their size, the Swedes were able to rely on their domestic aviation industry, Saab most particularly, to produce world-class fighter jets in those years when they once again found themselves sandwiched between the front lines of a global conflict.

The SwAFHF has become the caretaker organization for airworthy examples of the most important aircraft that defended Mother Svea during the tense years of the Cold War and given Sweden’s unique aviation heritage, is often preserving warbirds that aren’t often seen anywhere else.

The Aircraft

SAAB 37 Viggen

The Air Force got its first AJ 37 in July 1971, and in 1973 it was taken in the joint service at the Skaraborg Wing . A total of 106 Viggens were delivered to the Swedish Airforce. AJ 37 Viggen was intended to attack attack against targets on the ground and at sea. The main task was bet against enemy land and naval forces .

The Viggen was Sweden’s first line of defence during the Cold War period and was capable of operating from standard airfields as well as deployed bases where public roads were used as runways throughtout Sweden. Withdrawn from Swedish Air Force (SwAF) service in 2007 the type first flew in March 1967. This particular example took the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight (SwAFHF) 5 years of restoration before it returned to the skies in March 2012.

SAAB 35 Draken

SK 35C Draken SE DXP has been airworthy since the season 2014, and participated in several performances in Sweden and internationally.

Like the Viggen, the Draken was produced by Swedish firm SAAB and was built to replace the SAAB 29 Tunnan & SAAB 32 Lanse. The Draken was the first fully supersonic aircraft deployed in Europe and took its first flight in October 1955.

Retired from active service in 2005, there are now only 2 left flying in the world, both operated by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight
Only 651 were built and they saw service in the Swedish, Finnish, Austrian and Dannish air forces. The Draken took its first flight in 1955.

Info from Various sources, pictures from Wikipedia & Swedish Air Force Historic Flight.

Check back later today for yet another #BrayAirDisplay aircraft profile!






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