Bray Aircraft Profile day 9 (Part 2) – Patrouille Tranchant

Day 9 part 2 of our ‪#‎BrayAirDisplay‬ aircraft profile are the French display team, The Patrouille Tranchant  and their rather familiar Fouga Magister.

The Patrouille Tranchant (Edge Patrol in English) are an aerobatic display team based out of Rennes and operate 4 of the Fouga aircraft. The team was founded by Jack Krine , Hugues Duval and Benjamin Tranchant, and the patrol is sponsored by Carole Rousseau and Philippe Alliot.

The lead pilot is Hugues Duval while the solo pilot is Jack Krine. Pierre Fages takes up the Left Wing and Claude Espinet fills the formation flying in the Right Wing. This will be their very first trip to Bray, and Ireland.


The Aircraft

Fouga M.170 Magister

The aircraft may look very familiar to you if you have followed Irish aviation, as the Fouga M.170 Magister aircraft were used by the now sadly disbanded Irish Air Corps display team known as the Silver Swallows.

Taking its first flight in 1952 the Fouga was designed as a trainer aircraft and used by many air forces around the world.

An improved version of the Magister designated the CM.170-2 Magister was produced from 1960. It used a more powerful Turbomeca Marboré IV engine. Production of the Magister stopped in France in 1962 but it continued to be built in Finland up to 1967.

The development of the aircraft came to an end when the French Air Force selected the Alpha Jet as their new jet trainer.

After retirement, a number of Magisters were bought by private-owner pilots in the USA and are operated in the experimental category.

It will be fantastic to see the Fouga aircraft back in Irish skies once again and we look forward to seeing them on both days of Bray 2016.

(Info from various sources, photo from Patrouille Tranchant website.

Check back tomorrow as we finish up the #BrayAirDisplay aircraft profiles. And we have saved the biggest and best two for last. The Italian Air Display team, the Frecce Tricolori and the world famous RAF Red Arrows.

Northern Ireland & Ireland Airshows's photo.

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