Bray Aircraft Profile Day 5 – Aer Lingus A321

                         ***** Bray Aircraft Profile Day 5 – Aer Lingus A321 *****

Day 5 of our ‪#‎BrayAirDisplay‬ Aircraft profile is the Aer Lingus A321, which will display on the Sunday only.

Aer Lingus is the national airline, and flag carrier of Ireland and is the 2nd largest airline in Ireland behind RyanAir. Formed in 1936, Aer Lingus is a former member of the Oneworld airline alliance, which it left on 31 March 2007; however, after the takeover by IAG it is expected that Aer Lingus will re-enter Oneworld sometime in 2016

The benchmark A320 Family’s largest member – the A321 – offers airline customers the best seat-mile costs of any single-aisle aircraft and seating capacities comparable to that of a widebody jetliner.
This aircraft has a stretched fuselage with an overall length of 44.51 metres, along with an extended operating range of up to 3,000 nautical miles while carrying a maximum passenger payload. Like each member in Airbus’ A320 Family of jetliners,

The A321 benefits from operational commonality with its fellow A320 Family members, providing carriers with tremendous versatility in matching aircraft to specific route requirements. All A320 Family aircraft share a single type rating – allowing pilots to fly any member of the Family after attending only one training course and enabling the same team of mechanics to maintain an aircraft.
With only minimal additional training, pilots also can transition quickly from these single-aisle jetliners to Airbus’ larger long-range aircraft quickly thanks to the unique family concept and their exceptional degree of operational commonality.

Aer Lingus have 3 of the A321 Aircraft.

Check back tomorrow for another #BrayAirDisplay aircraft profile.

Info from Airbus website and photo from Wikipedia.

Northern Ireland & Ireland Airshows's photo.

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