Newcastle 2016 update

We have had a lot of people ask about a date for 2016.

I spoke to Down Festivals a few days ago and they are not ready to confirm the dates this year just yet. A few things just need to be finalized and confirmed.

The Provisional date from Down Festivals is in early August, this was stated on their Facebook. but as said that is not confirmed just yet. Team RaVen are also booked for the date.

I will post the confirmed date as soon as I can, But don’t worry, there will be a show in 2016 and there are ‘interesting’ plans this year in the works. Which we believe is why the date is still not 100% confirmed. (Our own opinion)

We are holding off posting the provisional date, as you know things can change. We don’t want to tell you a date, and people book accommodation etc only for it to change. I do believe the date is locked in, especially with aircraft booked for that date. As soon as it is confirmed we will post ASAP.

Northern Ireland & Ireland Airshows's photo.

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