A post we had shared to us today on our facebook page, that will be of interest to a lot of people!



Important News Regarding Spitfire display.

This post goes out to all my aviation buddies regarding an event taking place in Listowel in Co.Kerry over the May bank holiday weekend in 2016. The Listowel Military Tattoo 2016.

As some of you may be aware a team is currently building a full scale replica of a Spitfire to honour and comemorate the Irish Pilots involved in WW2. This replica will be on display in Listowel during the weekend.

However what some of you may or may not know is there will also be a second Spitfire on display that weekend.

I have been asked by the organiser of this second spitfire display to look into the potential addendence numbers for it.

Firstly the spitfire in question will not be a replica but a real airworthy Spitfire HF9 from Aerolegends in the UK.

The plan is to have the aircraft Based at Farranfore Airport in Co.Kerry where it will be open to anyone who wishies to visit it during the weekend.

Along with Photo-ops, getting as close as you want to it, a walkaround of the aircraft and the pilot been available for a chat, they plan to lay on finger food and refreshments etc as well as some entertainment.

They will also provide transport from Listowel to the airport.

There maybe tickets made available for purchase for the event at a future date. We could be talking in the region of €50 but this isn’t confirmend.

This has the potential to be a very memorable day for anyone who wants to attend. And it’s very likely we may never see another flying Spifire on this island for some time again given current insurance issues.

What i would like to ask all of you is that if this is something that may interest you or others you may know. Please Let me know by private message or comment/Like.
Please note i will not be forwarding on names it’s just to get an idea of numbers. If you have any questions you can email the organizer at it’s just to get an idea of numbers.

A commitee meeting is taking place in the next few days and we want to show that there is an genuine interest in this in order for them to move forward with it preparations.

If you can help by spreading the word of this event it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.
(Personal name omitted)

Photo courtesey of Aerolegends.





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