Portrush Flying Display Planning Progress

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Flying Display Planning Progress

With just under 16 days to go to the first display at Air Waves Portrush 2015, the timings for the flying display are starting to come together. As has already been announced The Red Arrows will open the display at 1230 on both days.

The Puma, Sea King and Gazelle static aircraft will arrive before 1215. Fine details on other display items have still to be agreed but on Saturday the Vulcan is likely to displaying somewhere between 1445 and 1515, the B-17 ‘Sally B between 1515 and 1545, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight between 1545 and 1630 and the Typhoon will be towards the end of the programme, approx 1700.

On Sunday the Viggen and Typhoon are likely to be displaying (not together) toward the end of the day between 1545 and 1640 and, at the end of the flying display we hope to have what is likely to be the last RN Sea King SAR display in the UK (the type will be retired from service before the next display season). A Poppy Drop is also planned (approx 1710) after the flying display is complete.

The map above shows the restricted airspace in place for the event, Portrush out to 7 miles (11am to 6pm both days), to make the event as safe as possible for the public and participants. It should be noted the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (known as drones) are not to be flown in the airspace without the expressed permission of the Flying Display Director for the Air Waves Portrush 2015 show. The area covered may seem a large area but it includes a number of transit routes, all of which are below 2000ft and holds to the east and west of Portrush for aircraft waiting to display

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Air Waves Portrush 2015 will take place over the weekend of the 5th and 6th September. A 4 hour flying display is planned on both days together with numerous ground exhibits which will extend all along the eastern shoreline of the town of Portrush.

Looking for a great place to view the flying display? The Silver Wings Chalet is positioned close to the Display Datum with access to the exclusive flight-line marquee. Please follow the link to the Silver Wings Chalet to view all the package details and how to book a place.

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