Portrush Aircraft Profile – Day 1 – Modified Pitts Special

Portrush Aircraft Profile – Day 1 – Modified Pitts Special

Day 1 of our aircraft profile for Portrush is the Modified Pitts Special piloted by Rich Goodwin.

G-EWIZ has been specially modified to provide the ultimate Biplane for Air Show Entertainment. The modification programme has given this Biplane enhanced capabilities producing a unique style of Aerobatics.

The Pitts Special may surprise you with her ability as looks are very much deceiving in this case, she is no ordinary prop aircraft. Some of the maneuvers you will see include

Harrier Flight. Hovering on the powerful MT prop.
Double hammer head.
Tower of power. Torque roll and backwards flight
High Alpha Knife edge flight
The centrifuge

As for the Pilot, flying has always been in his blood. His father flew the Hawker Hunter and Lightening jets for the RAF and Richard himself is a former Tornado pilot with the RAF after doing his training in the Hawk T1 (The same aircraft the RAF Red Arrows use) He is also a former pilot of Boeing aircraft.

2015 also sees the debut of new livery on the aircraft, as seen in the pictures below.

Admin note – I saw Rich Goodwin in the Pitts for the first time earlier this month in Newcastle NI, without a doubt was one of the stars of the show. Even today people are still talking about the display and how good it was – I look forward to seeing him once again in Portrush on the 5th & 6th of September!

Northern Ireland & Ireland Airshows's photo.
Northern Ireland & Ireland Airshows's photo.

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