Pitts Special S2S for Portrush

“The Muscle Biplane” – a highly modified Pitts Special S2S will be appearing both days of Airwaves Air Waves Portrush on the 5th & 6th of September!

his highly modified Pitts Special S2S makes its Portrush debut and with a reg of “G-EWIZ” you know you’re in for something special!
Rich Goodwin’s Muscle Bi-plane can hover like a Harrier, perform double-hammerheads and the amazing Tower of Power, complete torque rolls, backwards flight, high-alpha passes, low speed knife-edge flypasts and the centrifuge….the list goes on, and his display sequence is guaranteed to leave audiences wide-eyed, wowed, watching and wondering.
Display flying is in Rich’s blood as his father, Ken, was a much respected Lightning and Hunter display pilot in the RAF.  Rich joined the RAF after university and flew combat missions in the Tornado GR1.  He now pilots Boeings for a living and if you were flown to your holiday by a well-known holiday package company Rich could have been the captain of the aircraft.

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