RAF Chinook Display for Portrush

The RAF Chinook display team today announced their schedule on their official facebook page and on that list is a visit to Air Waves Portrush on both the 5th and 6th of September. This will be their only appearance in Northern Ireland in 2015 and further boosts RAF involvement in the Portrush airshow. So far every RAF display team will be in Portrush, however we still await the RAF Falcons schedule.

One response to “RAF Chinook Display for Portrush

  1. Portrush on the Sunday, ( outstanding )The Silver Wings chalet great place to watch the airshow from. I’ll be booking again for next year 2016. The only thing I missed was the RAF CHINOOK
    DISPLAY TEAM. Unfortunately they had to cancel due to work commitments, Let’s hope they can make it for 2016 …..


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